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The matter of no little interest for quite a comfortable rest is the choice of accommodation. For the most presentable tourists the most fashionable hotel is affordable choice; the students will be satisfied with a hostel in the center; the through visitors will be pleased with the opportunity to have a snap in a one-hour hotel; the most convenient variants for a bigger tourists' group аre the budget hotels in Riga.

If you cannot afford the fashionable room, you will be able to look for budget hotels; if your aim is not to have a good rest in a luxury hotel but to wander around the city and to take in the sights, then a hostel in Riga will be a superior choice. The Elizabeth's Youth Hostel is one of such places, and its stuff is eager to provide you with a cozy and commodious room for use, and our prices are so attractive that you couldn't help rejoicing – even the cheapest of cheap hotels are behind us.

Besides, the Elizabeth's Youth Hostel is a place with a plenty of good stuff in it as well as in any decent hotel in Riga: your car will be parked and your visa will be supported, your connection in Internet will be unlimited and your valuables will be guarded. Nevertheless, the Elizabeth's Youth Hostel has a number of things, which emphasize the advantages of our hostel: you won't have to go sightseeing by bus – all the attractions of Old Riga are within walking distance, all the main bus services are close at hand and the prices for the rooms are incredibly low. There is no hotel in Riga, which combines all this advantages.
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